Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Redevelopment of the Wynnum CBD

Recently the Wynnum and Districts Chamber of Commerce formed a task force in response to the declining retail area of the CBD, and more recently, the acquisition of the Wynnum State School in Florence street by the Brisbane City Council.

As a result, thes Wynnum Re-development Taskforce was formed, and officially launched at luncheon on May 16th, at the Wynnum Manly Leagues Club, and subsequently survey forms have been distributed, consultations have been held with various stakeholders, and members of the Chamber and Taskforce have attended information sessions at Wynnum Plaza, and Manly Markets, and clearly there is much interest in the redevelopment.

While there are some who do not want the area to change, others can see the benefit to the whole community if there is development, which will include residential (we need more people living in the CBD), and the upgrading of a raft of facilities.

In relation to the Wynnum School, it is accepted by most that some residential is inevitable on the site, but it is expected that the red brick building will be set aside for community use.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a facility to hold events, and an art gallery and other community facilities?

One aspect that residents are passionate about is the green space.  It is currently the only green space in the CBD - so if there is an increase in residential, retail and offices in the area, it is essential that this area be saved so that workers and residents can wander in a park, or take their lunch out of the office.

At the Farmer's Markets Manly  

Sharyn Macauley, Michael Belfield (Chamber President) and Ian Hill.

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