Monday, March 12, 2012

History of Hemmant

I was reading Dr Ros Kidd's website and I not that there was an aboriginal name for Hemmant which was Hemmant was Kuwirmandadu (place of curlews).  I find this intriguing as I don't know that there are many curlews around the area these days.  Perhaps someone can add some information on that.

I certainly know that curlews are common on some of the Bay islands, and I have seen them in the western suburbs, and even in the bushes at Milton, but I have never seen them in the Wynnum Manly area.   Perhaps there are some around Doboy Creek - I shall have to wander around there one evening to see.

I know they come out in the evening and I recognise their mournful cries.  

When I lived on Lamb Island a few years ago, they were a constant late in the afternoon, and their cries would go on into the night sometimes.

I am thinking of the Bush Stone Curlews of course, though I know where are quite a few others.  I will have to do some further research to see what the situation is.  There is plenty of bushland around Hemmant, and plenty of water for them too.  

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