Friday, March 30, 2012

Mercury Theatre Performs

Three premiere local plays will be performed in April at the Manly Lota RSL Hall, 184 Melville Tce, Manly.  "A Touch of Snobbery" by D'Arcy Harrison Lynch, and Directed by Geraldine Aitken, "The Birthday Party" and "A Girl's Night Out" both Written and Directed by Christopher James Hendry.

Performances will be on Friday April 13th, and Saturday April 14th, with a *Special Matinee* on Saturday 14th April at 2 pm.

You can enjoy live music with Katherine Lynn, and Beer & Wine at evening performances.

This is the first time that these plays have been produced.

$15 full price and $10 Concession (Pensioner or full time students.)

Phone bookingsL 0431 988 965 or email

Is the Easter Bunny coming to Wynnum?

Easter Egg Hunt
Thursday 5th April 2012
2.30 p.m.
At the Old Wynnum Central State School
“Community Centre”,  Block C
Charlotte Street Entrance
Other EE hiding Places to be disclosed on the Day
All Children Welcome  but must be Supervised by their parents or Guardians
There will be a prize for the best easter costume
All wishing to participate to bring your own modestly sized basket and contribute to Eggs etc… for the hunt.
For further information please contact the       Easter Bunny Ph: 3348 6067

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wynnum Up Late

It is on tonight - Thursday March 29th!  So go along to Bay Terrace, and see where the action is.  It has been such a fun event that gives the local traders an opportunity to have fun and promote their stores.  There's action along Bay Tce, and in Florence St - but just ask when you get there, for info on which places are open.

Monday, March 12, 2012

History of Hemmant

I was reading Dr Ros Kidd's website and I not that there was an aboriginal name for Hemmant which was Hemmant was Kuwirmandadu (place of curlews).  I find this intriguing as I don't know that there are many curlews around the area these days.  Perhaps someone can add some information on that.

I certainly know that curlews are common on some of the Bay islands, and I have seen them in the western suburbs, and even in the bushes at Milton, but I have never seen them in the Wynnum Manly area.   Perhaps there are some around Doboy Creek - I shall have to wander around there one evening to see.

I know they come out in the evening and I recognise their mournful cries.  

When I lived on Lamb Island a few years ago, they were a constant late in the afternoon, and their cries would go on into the night sometimes.

I am thinking of the Bush Stone Curlews of course, though I know where are quite a few others.  I will have to do some further research to see what the situation is.  There is plenty of bushland around Hemmant, and plenty of water for them too.  

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Where is our history?

I know that the Wynnum Manly Historical Society is very active in the area, but I wonder if those who are not involved with the organisation know how much history is around the local area.

I took a photo the other day of the building which houses the Wynnum Ambulance Museum - which is open by appointment through the Historical Society.  It is a shame that it is not open more often.  The building is in Tingal Road, Wynnum.

The Historical Society has a small office adjacent to the entrance of the Wynnum Library, on Bay Tce, which is open at hours listed on the door.  It has an amazing collection of historical data of the area.

Monday, March 05, 2012

Clean Up Australia

You have got to wonder about the people who throw their rubbish onto our  streets, and into our parks.  Yesterday, Clean Up Australia Day, local residents took to the streets with huge yellow and white bags to collect the flotsam and jetsam left by inconsiderate people.

It is surprising how much rubbish we find out the front of peoples' homes - now, I don't believe that it is left BY them, but on a day such as Clean Up Australia Day, you'd think people would at least scan the front of their suburban plot and remove any rubbish lying around.

And to the idiots that threw rubbish at volunteers cleaning up, we know you are really stupid.  But we believe in Kharma.  Perhaps one day you will wake up and realize the stupidity of your actions.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Wifi Hotspots in the Region.

How many Wifi hotspots are there in the Wynnum Manly area?  There are some days when it would be useful to have a list of these as they are few and far between, and not promoted.

The list will be updated here - and we are on the look out for others.  I will check some places in the Wynnum Manly area.   If you know of any you can leave a comment and I will check on it.

So who has Wifi?

The Wynnum Library has Wifi - and there is no cost to use it.  You will need to ask at the information desk for the code.

McDonald's at Wynnum West has Wifi - but you need to purchase something and ask for the code. (1991 Wynnum Road, Wynnum West - at Wynnum Plaza.)

Marine World Seafood Cafe, at  19/1029 Manly Road, Tingalpa, 4173 has Wifi - most likely for customers so you may need to purchase some of their wonderful fish.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Manly Marina

Row upon row, the boats line up along the moorings in Manly Harbour.  There are a number of boating clubs with marinas here - Moreton Bay Trailer Boat Club, Wynnum Manly Yacht Club, Royal Queensland Yacht Club, and East Coast Marina.

Anyone interested in sailing, boating, dining on the bay, or any other water activity can explore the websites.

Fort Lytton National Park

The Fort Lytton National Park was built in 1880 - 81 to defend Brisbane during times of war.  It is open to the public on Sundays only between 10 am and 4 pm for self guided tours.  There is no charge on Sundays.  For more information go to this website.