Thursday, November 12, 2009

Manly Farmer's Markets

There is always a market at Manly on Sundays, but the BIG market is Jan Power's Manly Markets on the 3rd Saturday of each month.

The atmosphere at the Farmer's Market is great with musicians, crowds, lots of different products to test or buy. You could spend hours there.

Want to have a stall there? The best thing to do would be contact Jan Power's office, so best go to the website.

The next one is on November 21st!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Moat at Fort Lytton

This could be a scene from way out in the bush, but it is in fact only feet from the Caltex Oil Refinery beside Fort Lytton, at the mouth of the Brisbane River.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Fort Lytton Re enactment

According to the brochure about the Heritage Parks of Moreton Bay, including Fort Lytton National Park, the area is the site of remnants of a colonial coastal fortress and quarantine station.

It is near the southern side of the mouth of the Brisbane River, just 18 kms downstream from the city.

The site "played an important strategic role in guarding against attacks from enemy ships and preventing diseases spreading from a thriving population."

The Park is open each Sunday, and on the first Sunday of each month, there is a reenactment and some of the cannons are fired.

It is an interesting place along with the Museum, and a pleasant picnic area too, being right on the river.

For more information Ph (07) 3393 4647.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Seen Cafe - Be Seen there.

Like good coffee? This place is a little hidden, but is a "hidden gem" with great coffee and food. Seen Cafe is at 150 Bay Tce, Wynnum.

On Wednesday mornings, proprietor (and author!) Jeanette Marie likes to welcome new arrivals to the Wynnum area, so if you are "new" or are seeking new friendships, call in for a cuppa and a chat.

You will see the coffee bags with the strange little characters on them, at the entrace to the Cafe between Clara and Edith Streets, Wynnum.

Check this number for details on opening hours - 3162 9792

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Fort Lytton

This is an historical place that is seldom mentioned, though no doubt hundreds of people visit when it is open on Sundays, when volunteers take visitors on a guided tour of the fort.

To find out more about the Fort and their visiting hours go to their website and see for yourself. Unfortunately there is no public transport to the Fort, but it is a pleasant drive and if you have time before or after your visit, you might venture down to the Port of Brisbane.

Unfortunately the Visitors Centre at the Port is only open from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 4 pm, and that is well worth a visit, but sadly on the day the Fort is open, the Visitors centre is closed. perhaps to the visitors centre and see what is going on there. For details visit the Port of Brisbane website.

There are major re -eneactment events annually at Easter, and that is always a most interesting event.

Halloween at Manly

Halloween has become a big event in Manly, and last night was probably the most successful of the Halloween events. Thousands of people lined Cambridge Parade for the parade which started at 6.10 pm. Many spectators were dressed in costume, and the array of vehicles, and characters that drove, walked or marched was impressive.

It took around 30 minutes to pass and at the end the streets and footbaths around Manly were busy. Some folk were still coming, and others were trying to get home through the throngs of people.

A great event.