Friday, February 06, 2009

Pelicans at dawn

Along the foreshore from Wynnum North to Lota is a walkway right on the edge of the bay. In the early morning from before sunrise it is a magnet for walkers who enjoy their daily exercise in front of the magnicicent view of Moreton Bay.

From the north, and the south and places between, you can walk off into other paths, or streets, or if you are a cyclist, there are plenty of places to take your bicycle and explore further.

In the early morning the sun rises up from the horizon, and sometimes there is a gently breeze. Good for walking. Other times there can be a bit of a stronger wind, but at this time of the year (February) it is more likely to be peaceful.

Take your walking shoes, and a bottle of water, and a camera - and walk. Need some refreshments along the way? Easy. There are several coffee shops that will be open from early in the morning, so tuck some money into your bumbag!

Often you will see many pelicans around the Wynnum Creek area. There is a fish market, and the pelicans often enjoy a feed there. These huge clumsy birds spend a lot of time in this area, waiting for the food.

(If you look closely you can see a group of pelicans - around the middle of the photo.)

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