Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wynnum Creek

It is hard to believe that once this Creek was the scene of a thriving fishing industry. Many years ago there was a huge fleet of fishing boats that worked out of the creek. It was over 100 years ago, when the creek had good water flow, and fish were plentiful in Moreton Bay. The catch as transported into Brisbane city via the railway.
Many things have changed. The boats are bigger and need more water under them. The creek is silted up badly, and there are few fish in the bay.
The creek often required dredging in those heady days of the lucrative fishing industry, but it is many years since it has been dredged and at low tide many of the boats sit on the muddy bottom.
Mostly recreational fishing is done from the creek, with many a weekend boaty taking their tinny or larger boat down to the creek from the northern side of the little waterway. There are still fish in Moreton Bay, but certainly constant professional and recreational fishing has depleted the stocks.
Anglers trying their luck from the jetties or waterfront around the Bay can still catch something, but many go home empty handed.
What is the future for Wynnum Creek? Should it be dredged and opened up?

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