Saturday, August 30, 2008


Around Wynnum Creek, where it flows into the Bay, there are quite a few pelicans. Of course their main attraction is the fish from the Fish Shop adjacent to the creek. This is where the commercial fishermen bring their catch, and this is where I understand the pelicans are provided with fish pieces as the fish are sorted or prepared.

They are fascinating birds, and each time I see them I remember the words "his beak can hold more than his belly can" as they have an amazing beak which is floppy on the underside of the beak and can expand and hold quite a large fish.

They glide gracefully in the sky, and usually do an awkward landing, and on the sand or mudflats they walk with a slight swagger.

They tend to congregate in groups along the mudflats, and often squabble amongst themselves.

In mouth of the Wynnum Creek, often they are found sitting on one of the large poles that the bigger boats are tied up to, and they seem to rest quite comfortably on the poles.

Perhaps someone should train them to receive food from the hand, could be a good tourist attraction.

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