Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jan Power's Farmers Markets at Manly

Sunday Markets have been at Manly for years - but there's a new face in town. Jan Power's famous Farmers Markets have arrived in Manly - much to the joy of the many folk who have attended her markets at other venues around Brisbane.

While not all local traders are happy, it appears that the overwhelming majorty of people want the markets to continue. Many folk do travel to the markets at other venues - particularly those at the Powerhouse at New Farm, and are thrilled that they don't have to go so far, especially with the high price of petrol these days.

One of the drawcards is the fresh produce (fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, bread) and people do like to support the farmers, and meet those who grow the fruit and vegetables. Other food items such as olives, pate, jams, spreads, herbs, spices - many of which are not easily accessable locally are featured in the many stalls.

There is a variety of other quality items as well, and all in all the markets at Manly on the one Saturday a month that these particular markets take up their place near the Manly Pool, are very popular.

Certainly many people are local folk, but many are from suburbs some distance away, and one would hope that they spend a little time looking to see what other shopping is available in the Manly and Wynnum areas.
The markets are on a "trial basis" at the moment, while negotiations continue with the Brisbane City Council. Many of the locals and visitors are hoping that these markets, which will be on the third Saturday of each month, will become a regular feature.
The next Farmer's Markets will be held on September 20th.
For more information contact Jan Power's Office. Market Information: 0439 999 009 recording only. Jan Power 0417 720943

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