Thursday, February 14, 2008

CBD Draft Plan

There's been a lot of talk, and we know there has been consultation with various groups with interst in the area, but at long last the draft Wynnum Manly Neighbourhood Plan has been released.

Business owners and residents in and around the Wynnum CBD will be keen to see the plans to develop Wynnum and surrounding areas. We know it is needed - for some reason Wynnum seems to have been left behind and is in urgent need of a revamp.

I'm interested that the grounds of the Wynnum Central School are listed as a possible green space for Wynnum.

There is a lot of work to do, and probably a lot of inconvenience before the Wynnum CBD is "up to scratch" and that business in the area improves so that the small business owners who have been loyal to Wynnum despite the difficulties in recent times, wil flourish.

We need to read the 17 page report and respond - let the Brisbane City Council know what the locals see as important.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Fishing at Wynnum

Wynnum Creek at high tide (February 5th, 08)

It's funny - I'm only a short drive from the waterfront, I love fishing, but in 15 years I think I've only tried to fish from the "front" as the esplanade is often called, just once.

Yesterday I drove into the car park beside Wynnum Creek to get a photo. The sky was moody and threatened rain, and because of the heavy rain that we have had the bay is full of debris washed out of the creeks and rivers, and it was a high tide. Good for fishing.

There was a man fishing - standing under the cover of the fishing facility near the creek - where the fishermen pull in their boats, and clean and gut any of the day's spoils. He was well protected if it would rain. He's a regular and he and his mates, he told me, often catch a good feed from this spot. On the high tide - an hour before the top of the tide, and an hour afterwards the fish bite.

He was quite an interesting fellow and we chatted for a while as I took some photos.