Thursday, January 03, 2008

What lousy weather.

The weather has been "bad" for over a week now. A huge low developed off Fraser Island, north of here, which resulted in huge seas which necessitated the evacuation of many campers on the island, and the closing of beaches on the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast.

As well we have endured windy conditions, and frequent rain showers. Not a lot of rain - not the heavy rains that we were familiar with at this time of the year in the past. Enough to dampen spirits and cancel outdoor activities.

Usually summer time brings many picknickers along the Wynnum Manly foreshore, and this time of the year there are a number of yachting regattas out of Manly - but the weather has played havoc with all these plans. It has not been safe for yachting, and who wants to have a picnic in the rain.

As well the food shops along the foreshore have suffered - as the weather drives away their noral clientele.

Still not a lot of rain has fallen, and only slight improvements have been made to our water catchments.

Another low - a potential cyclone is around. We will have to wait and see.

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