Tuesday, January 08, 2008

More sunshine

The sun is out! But there is still rain about - and plenty of showers. The holiday makers though can get out and about, even if they have to keep one eye on the weather.

The heavy rains have pushed a lot of debris out of the creeks and there is much debris floating on the sea and being washed up on the beaches. The Gold Coast beaches are badly affected but no major problem locally.

Hopefully the yachting races can proceed without any problems, other than catching up for lost time.

The markets on Sunday were interesting. Few of the stall holders appeared - apparently they tend to have January off and return in February. But because the weather was better in the morning it seemed that everyone was walking along the Esplanade.

So many parents were glad to get the children out to run off their spare energies after being cooped up for so long!!

Marketers watched the weather as every now and then a dark patch of clouds would appear but until 1.30 pm disappeared without dropping any rain on the area. But at that time great black clouds rolled accross the sky and it was obvious that heavy rain was going to fall.

So for many it was a quick retreat - and sure enough there was nearly an hour of very heavy rain. Wonderful soaking rain again.

But the sun was out again the next day!

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