Thursday, January 31, 2008

Boat Ramps around Wynnum Manly

Boat Ramp at Wynnum Creek

This is one of the many quality boat ramps around the Wynnum Manly area to cater for the many fisher folk and boaties that use Moreton Bay. There is one towards Fisherman Island, this one at the Wynnum Creek, several for small boats along the esplanade and several at Manly where the bigger boats are launched. As well there is one further down at Lota - but you'll need to watch the tides here as at low tide it can present some challenges!

As well there are many little shops that provide bait, or accessories for fisher folk and boaties of all kinds. With several large and popular yachting and boat clubs with their bases around the Manly Harbour it is a great place for those who like to venture out - especially as Moreton Bay is a relatively safe waterway, being protected by some large islands.

Dawn at Wynnum

Dawn at Wynnum

All along the waterfront from Wynnum North to Lota in the south is a wonderful pathway which is a very busy place most fine mornings as the energetic strut their stuff and walk to enjoy the scenery.

This morning I joined them, and as I usually do, took my camera. The sun was peeping through some amazing cloud formations and the water was as its calm best at that time of day.

It was going to be a hot steamy day - and there was no breeze. I could sit on a seat (if I had the time) and just take in the view............................ but there are things to do.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Greenspace in Wynnum

There is some discussion regarding a proposal to close part of Edith Street (between Bay Terrace and Akonna Tce) to create a greenspace, as there is no other "green" area near the Wynnum CBD.

However, there is another proposal being considered - that the school grounds of Wynnum Central School be the green space for the Wynnum CBD. As part of the Schools of Tomorrow plan by the State Education Department, it is thought that Wynnum Central School may be closed due to lack of students, and the possibility that other nearby schools will be upgraded to provide better education facilities for primary school students.

As well as using the school grounds to provide a greenspace, there is a proposal that the school buildings - some of which are heritage listed, to provide the venue for an Arts College/Precinct.

An art gallery? Studio for musicians to record? Drama and art classes?

What do you think?

Art in Florence

Weather permitting, local artists will display their work on the fence of Wynnum Central State School next Saturday, February 2nd from 8.30 am. This event is staged on the first Saturday of each month, with local artists showing their work. You are invited to purchase (haggle with the artist first, or discuss the art work with him/her), and join in the fun of this event.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Chaos on the Railway line.

Yesterday morning there was a problem with the overhead powerlines associationed with the trains, and all trains between Cleveland and the city were disrupted all day. What chaos! Train travellers were transported by bus from stations beyond Murarrie, to Murarrie to catch the train from that station. There was quite a deal of confusion.

Late in the day there was also a gas leak emergency situation at Fortitude Valley and the Brunswick St Station was closed too. So I'm sure there are a few QR people trying to get over the dramas today.

It is always good to know how quickly the system operates to provide alternate transport so quickly. Of course many folk who heard about it early chose to take their cars to the city and there was excessive traffic on the roads too.

It would be nice if we could get a ferry into the city from somewhere in this neighbourhood!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

More sunshine

The sun is out! But there is still rain about - and plenty of showers. The holiday makers though can get out and about, even if they have to keep one eye on the weather.

The heavy rains have pushed a lot of debris out of the creeks and there is much debris floating on the sea and being washed up on the beaches. The Gold Coast beaches are badly affected but no major problem locally.

Hopefully the yachting races can proceed without any problems, other than catching up for lost time.

The markets on Sunday were interesting. Few of the stall holders appeared - apparently they tend to have January off and return in February. But because the weather was better in the morning it seemed that everyone was walking along the Esplanade.

So many parents were glad to get the children out to run off their spare energies after being cooped up for so long!!

Marketers watched the weather as every now and then a dark patch of clouds would appear but until 1.30 pm disappeared without dropping any rain on the area. But at that time great black clouds rolled accross the sky and it was obvious that heavy rain was going to fall.

So for many it was a quick retreat - and sure enough there was nearly an hour of very heavy rain. Wonderful soaking rain again.

But the sun was out again the next day!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

What lousy weather.

The weather has been "bad" for over a week now. A huge low developed off Fraser Island, north of here, which resulted in huge seas which necessitated the evacuation of many campers on the island, and the closing of beaches on the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast.

As well we have endured windy conditions, and frequent rain showers. Not a lot of rain - not the heavy rains that we were familiar with at this time of the year in the past. Enough to dampen spirits and cancel outdoor activities.

Usually summer time brings many picknickers along the Wynnum Manly foreshore, and this time of the year there are a number of yachting regattas out of Manly - but the weather has played havoc with all these plans. It has not been safe for yachting, and who wants to have a picnic in the rain.

As well the food shops along the foreshore have suffered - as the weather drives away their noral clientele.

Still not a lot of rain has fallen, and only slight improvements have been made to our water catchments.

Another low - a potential cyclone is around. We will have to wait and see.