Friday, December 28, 2007

Spirit of Koomooloo

Last year in the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, local sailor Mike Freebairn was shattered when his yacht Koomooloo was swamped by a big wave and lost. Thankfully Mike and crew were all saved but his dreams were somewhat shattered.

As this is being written he is sailing his new yacht "The Spirit of Koomooloo" in the inconic yacht race, and is doing well, despite being well behind the leaders of the big race.

We are proud of Mike and his achievements, and wish him well as he races towards the finish line in "Spirit of Koomooloo"

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Carols by the Bay

Each Christmas there is community Carols by the Bay at George Clayton Park. Tbe bandstand at the park is the venue for a number of events during the year. The Carols are organised by the Spring Festival Committee - which continues to raise funds for the Festival throughout the year.

George Clayton Park

This park is on the waterfront between Wynnum and Manly. There are great lawned open spaces which are great for ball games, "back yard cricket" etc. There is a toilet block, several BBQ areas with plenty of shade, and children's playground. It it a very popular place during holidays and especially at weekends.

One popular spot is the red lighthouse. Not only do children love to climb to the top but it is a great meeting place. "Meet you at the park at the red lighthouse" you'll hear.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Wading Pool at Wynnum

During the great Depression in the early 1900's one of the major projects to get employment and income for desperate families, the government funded the construction of the Wynnum Wading Pool, which has been a popular place for children to play in the water especially during our hot summers.

As part of the $12 million upgrade of the Wynnum Manly foreshore the Wading Pool is being renovated, and water will be drawn in from the bay - but from some distance away from the shore, to keep the water cleaner.

Sadly the pool will not be ready until some time in 2008 - which has upset the locals and holiday makers that enjoy the bay area.