Friday, November 02, 2007

Wynnum Creek

Once upon a time the Wynnum Creek was apparently a hive of industrial commercial fishermen. These days there are a few that call this part of the world home, but certainly there is not as much activity as in the past.

Part of the problem is that the creek is now quite shallow - it always got silted up, but in the past there was more effort to clear out the silt.

The creek on one side has a good launching spot for smaller boats, and recreational fishermen use it all the time. There are always boats coming and going. And the lucky fishermen or women who manage to catch a fish or two in the bay have a neat little spot to scale, and clean their fish.

There are some 20 or 30 beautiful pelicans that live around this area, and know that when the fishermen come to clean their fish. They love the scraps.

Over the Wynnum Creek is a very old bridge - the Fox Street Bridge which is very much part of local history. And on Fox Street is an Indian restaurant, and a hotel. I think it is called Wynnum Point Hotel these days, but has had a series of names recently.

Opposite the hotel is Greene Park, named after one of the local families of our history, and from Fox Street is the entrance to the famous Fish Shop - a great place for fresh seafood, and of course fish and chips.

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