Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sea Turtle has gone

I went for a drive along the waterfront this morning to see if the turtle was still there. There was no sign of it. I would only hope that it was rescued, or perhaps was able to swim to safetly with the high tide last night.

It is not common to see these creatures on the beach here - though many do live in the bay.

At this time of year the female turtle will nest, but usually it is further north - on some of the huge sand islands, or beaches around Bundaberg.

I hope the turtle is OK.

Sea Turtle stranded

Yesterday while driving with a friend along the esplanade, we noticed people stopping and looking at something in the sea. It was a stranded sea turtle.

There are many of these turtles in Moreton Bay and often they are victims of accidents with boats, or more correctly, the propellers of boats, but this one did not seem to be the victim of such accident.

It was certainly stranded as the tide receded. It was alive - and occasionally would lift it's head out of the water and take a breath.

Various sea rescue organisations were notified - but as it was late on a Friday afternoon, it was difficult to get someone to attend.

Friday, November 16, 2007

The next Art on Florence

will be held on Saturday December 1st, 2007 in Florence St, Wynnum from 8.30 am.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Art on Florence - Success

The first of the monthly Art in Florence events was held on Saturday November 3rd. You can find more information and photos at Art in Wynnum.
It was advertised as continuing until 4.30 pm - but it seems that 1 pm will be the closing time, as nearly all artists had cleared away by then.
Thirty artists displayed their work, and many sold items. Two items over $300 were sold! On Monday a cheque for $162 will be handed over to the Wynnum Central School.
The Visual Arts committee will work on further attractions for the next event on December 1st.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Art on Florence

I don't have a photo - YET! Tomorrow, November 3rd is the first of a new venture for the Wynnum Manly Arts Council Visual Arts Group which will see a number of artists placing their work on the fence of the Wynnum Central State School for all to see and hopefully purchase.

This is similar to several places in the world, but one I have been to and have fond memories of is the fences of St Stephen's Green in Dublin, Ireland. There is much history in Dublin, and this amazing park is the place for city workers to go for their breaks.

The surrounding fences are the hanging space for art works of many artists who put their paintings on the fences on a Friday and watch as the crowds walk past and comment, and in many cases purchase.

It is a very vibrant scene - with horses and carts clipclopping along the road with tourists, the thousands of people who spill out of the shops and offices for their lunch break, and the many tourists and residents who come to see the spectacle of the art works on sale.

I know the population in Wynnum is nothing like that in Dublin, but I hope they come out in droves to see what talented artists we have locally and support this event. If you miss it this month, we hope for a successful repeat on December 1st. It is planned to be held on the first Saturday of each month.

Come along and enjoy. It is in Florence St, Wynnum.

Wynnum Creek

Once upon a time the Wynnum Creek was apparently a hive of industrial commercial fishermen. These days there are a few that call this part of the world home, but certainly there is not as much activity as in the past.

Part of the problem is that the creek is now quite shallow - it always got silted up, but in the past there was more effort to clear out the silt.

The creek on one side has a good launching spot for smaller boats, and recreational fishermen use it all the time. There are always boats coming and going. And the lucky fishermen or women who manage to catch a fish or two in the bay have a neat little spot to scale, and clean their fish.

There are some 20 or 30 beautiful pelicans that live around this area, and know that when the fishermen come to clean their fish. They love the scraps.

Over the Wynnum Creek is a very old bridge - the Fox Street Bridge which is very much part of local history. And on Fox Street is an Indian restaurant, and a hotel. I think it is called Wynnum Point Hotel these days, but has had a series of names recently.

Opposite the hotel is Greene Park, named after one of the local families of our history, and from Fox Street is the entrance to the famous Fish Shop - a great place for fresh seafood, and of course fish and chips.