Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Ambulance Museum

There are at least two Ambulance Museums in Queensland, and one is in Wynnum on Tingal Road, on the corner of Cedar St.

So many folk pass it on a daily basis and have no idea what wonders lie within. There is a Local Ambulance Committee of volunteers that maintain the Museum and open it on special occasions but generally it is closed and it's treasurers hidden within.

The building was opened in 1926, and only a few years ago was offically closed, when the Ambulance station was moved ot the grounds of the Wynnum Hospital on Whites Road. In fact it is still used for training purposes (there's a meeting room and office upstairs), and two of the old ambulances are housed at the back of the building. One or two of them will be seen in the next Spring Festival which is in October.

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