Monday, September 03, 2007



This damaged boat first appeared just outside the channel at Manly. It appears that someone may have stolen it, stripped it and deserted it. For some weeks it sat as quite a curiousity near Manly Harbour, but mysteriously it has now turned up further north near Wynnum Creek.

It sits like a strange skeleton of a boat, stuck in the mud and at high tide you can walk right up to it if you don't mind the deep sticky mud.

No one has claimed it - no boat has been reported missing, so there it sits deserted. There's nothing of value left.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Charlie Chaplin at the Jazz Festival?

This character roamed around in amongst the spectators at the Wynnum Jazz Festival.
He's a fabulous Charlie look alike and plays the role fantastically. He never speaks but entertains the children with a range of antics.He wears oversize boots and walks just the way I remember from the old movies. He carries a cane which he uses for all sorts of tricks.
The Jazz was fabulous - a balmy day on the foreshore.

On the foreshore

I had to call into Wynnum central this morning to go to the ATM - and afterwards I drove down to the waterfront. It is the second day of spring, and the weather is just fantastic. A great day to spend time with the family on one of the many parks along the foreshore.

Today with perfect weather it was busy from early in the morning. The photo does not do justice to the numbers that were there.

All along the waterfront it was cars lined up and up the side streets. A few sunburns too I guess by the end of the day.

Fathers Day and Jazz

Each year on the foreshore between Wynnum and Manly is the Jazz Festival. As today (September 2nd) is Father's Day - the festival is on.

Take a chair, a hat, cold drink and snacks and sit down for some fabulous entertainment. If you can't make it this year - remember it for 2008. It is sure to be on!

Today we are celebrating the music of Benny Goodman - so it should be great!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Ambulance Museum

There are at least two Ambulance Museums in Queensland, and one is in Wynnum on Tingal Road, on the corner of Cedar St.

So many folk pass it on a daily basis and have no idea what wonders lie within. There is a Local Ambulance Committee of volunteers that maintain the Museum and open it on special occasions but generally it is closed and it's treasurers hidden within.

The building was opened in 1926, and only a few years ago was offically closed, when the Ambulance station was moved ot the grounds of the Wynnum Hospital on Whites Road. In fact it is still used for training purposes (there's a meeting room and office upstairs), and two of the old ambulances are housed at the back of the building. One or two of them will be seen in the next Spring Festival which is in October.