Sunday, July 15, 2007

Port of Brisbane - Visitors Centre

Port of Brisbane Visitor's Centre

To the north of Wynnum is the burgeoning Port of Brisbane area. The port itself is built on reclaimed land at the mouth of the Brisbane River, and extends out into Moreton Bay. Due to its close proximity to Asia it is gaining much popularity as the place for imported goods to be delivered.

There is a Visitors Centre which is open to the public. There are two restaurants and an area with displays about the Port of Brisbane. Both restaurants overlook the lake on which hundreds of birds call home, and it is always fascinating to dine while watching the antics of black swans, ducks, moorhens, sea gulls and other birds.

There are regular tours from the Visitors Centre around the Port precinct to see the amazing growth and development of the area.

There is also a huge area dedicated to birds - in particular the thousands of migratory birds that fly in from as far north as Siberia for our summer.

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