Monday, April 09, 2007

Wynnum Creek

New BBQ and picnic area at the mouth of Wynnum Creek provided by the Brisbane City Council.

In days gone by the Wynnum Creek was home to the commercial fishermen who live in the area and worked the seas of Moreton Bay. In the early days they used to take their catch by boat to the city markets via the Brisbane River, and later on in the early 20th century when the railway came to Wynnum the fish was transported by train.

The Wynnum Creek regularly silted up making it difficult for the fishing boats to make their way into the creek, and the creek was regularly dynamited to remove the sandy obstacles. These days very few commercial fishermen use the creek, but some do, as the Wynnum Fish Market is housed right near the mouth of the creek.

These days it is a "Fish and Chip" shop - and a popular one two. Whilst most folk drive in to purchase their feed, many people picnic in the many parks and facilities around the area.

It was also popular for the men folk who were sent to purchase the evening meal, to pop over to the hotel, which was then known as the Fishers' Hotel for a drop of beer while the fish was cooking.

There are quite a few wonderful fish and chipperies along the waterfront from Wynnum Creek in the north to Lota further south. Plenty of places to get a feed of Moreton Bay Fish. Check out the flathead or whiting from the bay.

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