Friday, December 28, 2007

Spirit of Koomooloo

Last year in the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, local sailor Mike Freebairn was shattered when his yacht Koomooloo was swamped by a big wave and lost. Thankfully Mike and crew were all saved but his dreams were somewhat shattered.

As this is being written he is sailing his new yacht "The Spirit of Koomooloo" in the inconic yacht race, and is doing well, despite being well behind the leaders of the big race.

We are proud of Mike and his achievements, and wish him well as he races towards the finish line in "Spirit of Koomooloo"

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Carols by the Bay

Each Christmas there is community Carols by the Bay at George Clayton Park. Tbe bandstand at the park is the venue for a number of events during the year. The Carols are organised by the Spring Festival Committee - which continues to raise funds for the Festival throughout the year.

George Clayton Park

This park is on the waterfront between Wynnum and Manly. There are great lawned open spaces which are great for ball games, "back yard cricket" etc. There is a toilet block, several BBQ areas with plenty of shade, and children's playground. It it a very popular place during holidays and especially at weekends.

One popular spot is the red lighthouse. Not only do children love to climb to the top but it is a great meeting place. "Meet you at the park at the red lighthouse" you'll hear.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Wading Pool at Wynnum

During the great Depression in the early 1900's one of the major projects to get employment and income for desperate families, the government funded the construction of the Wynnum Wading Pool, which has been a popular place for children to play in the water especially during our hot summers.

As part of the $12 million upgrade of the Wynnum Manly foreshore the Wading Pool is being renovated, and water will be drawn in from the bay - but from some distance away from the shore, to keep the water cleaner.

Sadly the pool will not be ready until some time in 2008 - which has upset the locals and holiday makers that enjoy the bay area.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sea Turtle has gone

I went for a drive along the waterfront this morning to see if the turtle was still there. There was no sign of it. I would only hope that it was rescued, or perhaps was able to swim to safetly with the high tide last night.

It is not common to see these creatures on the beach here - though many do live in the bay.

At this time of year the female turtle will nest, but usually it is further north - on some of the huge sand islands, or beaches around Bundaberg.

I hope the turtle is OK.

Sea Turtle stranded

Yesterday while driving with a friend along the esplanade, we noticed people stopping and looking at something in the sea. It was a stranded sea turtle.

There are many of these turtles in Moreton Bay and often they are victims of accidents with boats, or more correctly, the propellers of boats, but this one did not seem to be the victim of such accident.

It was certainly stranded as the tide receded. It was alive - and occasionally would lift it's head out of the water and take a breath.

Various sea rescue organisations were notified - but as it was late on a Friday afternoon, it was difficult to get someone to attend.

Friday, November 16, 2007

The next Art on Florence

will be held on Saturday December 1st, 2007 in Florence St, Wynnum from 8.30 am.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Art on Florence - Success

The first of the monthly Art in Florence events was held on Saturday November 3rd. You can find more information and photos at Art in Wynnum.
It was advertised as continuing until 4.30 pm - but it seems that 1 pm will be the closing time, as nearly all artists had cleared away by then.
Thirty artists displayed their work, and many sold items. Two items over $300 were sold! On Monday a cheque for $162 will be handed over to the Wynnum Central School.
The Visual Arts committee will work on further attractions for the next event on December 1st.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Art on Florence

I don't have a photo - YET! Tomorrow, November 3rd is the first of a new venture for the Wynnum Manly Arts Council Visual Arts Group which will see a number of artists placing their work on the fence of the Wynnum Central State School for all to see and hopefully purchase.

This is similar to several places in the world, but one I have been to and have fond memories of is the fences of St Stephen's Green in Dublin, Ireland. There is much history in Dublin, and this amazing park is the place for city workers to go for their breaks.

The surrounding fences are the hanging space for art works of many artists who put their paintings on the fences on a Friday and watch as the crowds walk past and comment, and in many cases purchase.

It is a very vibrant scene - with horses and carts clipclopping along the road with tourists, the thousands of people who spill out of the shops and offices for their lunch break, and the many tourists and residents who come to see the spectacle of the art works on sale.

I know the population in Wynnum is nothing like that in Dublin, but I hope they come out in droves to see what talented artists we have locally and support this event. If you miss it this month, we hope for a successful repeat on December 1st. It is planned to be held on the first Saturday of each month.

Come along and enjoy. It is in Florence St, Wynnum.

Wynnum Creek

Once upon a time the Wynnum Creek was apparently a hive of industrial commercial fishermen. These days there are a few that call this part of the world home, but certainly there is not as much activity as in the past.

Part of the problem is that the creek is now quite shallow - it always got silted up, but in the past there was more effort to clear out the silt.

The creek on one side has a good launching spot for smaller boats, and recreational fishermen use it all the time. There are always boats coming and going. And the lucky fishermen or women who manage to catch a fish or two in the bay have a neat little spot to scale, and clean their fish.

There are some 20 or 30 beautiful pelicans that live around this area, and know that when the fishermen come to clean their fish. They love the scraps.

Over the Wynnum Creek is a very old bridge - the Fox Street Bridge which is very much part of local history. And on Fox Street is an Indian restaurant, and a hotel. I think it is called Wynnum Point Hotel these days, but has had a series of names recently.

Opposite the hotel is Greene Park, named after one of the local families of our history, and from Fox Street is the entrance to the famous Fish Shop - a great place for fresh seafood, and of course fish and chips.

Monday, September 03, 2007



This damaged boat first appeared just outside the channel at Manly. It appears that someone may have stolen it, stripped it and deserted it. For some weeks it sat as quite a curiousity near Manly Harbour, but mysteriously it has now turned up further north near Wynnum Creek.

It sits like a strange skeleton of a boat, stuck in the mud and at high tide you can walk right up to it if you don't mind the deep sticky mud.

No one has claimed it - no boat has been reported missing, so there it sits deserted. There's nothing of value left.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Charlie Chaplin at the Jazz Festival?

This character roamed around in amongst the spectators at the Wynnum Jazz Festival.
He's a fabulous Charlie look alike and plays the role fantastically. He never speaks but entertains the children with a range of antics.He wears oversize boots and walks just the way I remember from the old movies. He carries a cane which he uses for all sorts of tricks.
The Jazz was fabulous - a balmy day on the foreshore.

On the foreshore

I had to call into Wynnum central this morning to go to the ATM - and afterwards I drove down to the waterfront. It is the second day of spring, and the weather is just fantastic. A great day to spend time with the family on one of the many parks along the foreshore.

Today with perfect weather it was busy from early in the morning. The photo does not do justice to the numbers that were there.

All along the waterfront it was cars lined up and up the side streets. A few sunburns too I guess by the end of the day.

Fathers Day and Jazz

Each year on the foreshore between Wynnum and Manly is the Jazz Festival. As today (September 2nd) is Father's Day - the festival is on.

Take a chair, a hat, cold drink and snacks and sit down for some fabulous entertainment. If you can't make it this year - remember it for 2008. It is sure to be on!

Today we are celebrating the music of Benny Goodman - so it should be great!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Ambulance Museum

There are at least two Ambulance Museums in Queensland, and one is in Wynnum on Tingal Road, on the corner of Cedar St.

So many folk pass it on a daily basis and have no idea what wonders lie within. There is a Local Ambulance Committee of volunteers that maintain the Museum and open it on special occasions but generally it is closed and it's treasurers hidden within.

The building was opened in 1926, and only a few years ago was offically closed, when the Ambulance station was moved ot the grounds of the Wynnum Hospital on Whites Road. In fact it is still used for training purposes (there's a meeting room and office upstairs), and two of the old ambulances are housed at the back of the building. One or two of them will be seen in the next Spring Festival which is in October.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


We have some wonderful bushland parks around the Wynnum Manly area - and sadly some of it has been burned in recent weeks.

One area between Manly Road and Wynnum Road caused lots of problems last weekend and early in the week - it did go right up close to buildings but all were saved due to the diligence of our firies.

I have no idea how the fire started - but it looks a little suspicious!

Why do folk get excited about setting fires? So dangerous. So much damage!

I guess it reminds us as summer approaches though to have some sort of fire plan - clear the gutters of debris, have a fire plan at home, etc.

When we get rain the bushland will rejuvenate!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Foreshore Development

For many many months there has been redevelopment along the whole foreshore from near Wynnum Creek to the north, and Manly to the south. There is still more work to do, but a new BBQ area is finished near Wynnum Creek, and this weekend some of the work is finished at Manly - enough that the Brisbane Lord Mayor will be visiting tomorrow to open it.

The foreshore is always very popular during weekends, especially during summer when the cool breezes from the bay keep everyone a bit cooler. The views are spectacular and the fish and chipperies along the waterfront do good business as families gather under the various shelters to party and enjoy all that there is to offer.

No doubt the new facilities will be much used during the coming hot months. I shall visit with camera in hand tomorow to get some photos to post in the next day or so.

Anyone coming to the area and looking for work? Call in at Bayside Recruitement in Edith St Wynnum - check out their website at for employment opportunities in the area.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Port of Brisbane - Visitors Centre

Port of Brisbane Visitor's Centre

To the north of Wynnum is the burgeoning Port of Brisbane area. The port itself is built on reclaimed land at the mouth of the Brisbane River, and extends out into Moreton Bay. Due to its close proximity to Asia it is gaining much popularity as the place for imported goods to be delivered.

There is a Visitors Centre which is open to the public. There are two restaurants and an area with displays about the Port of Brisbane. Both restaurants overlook the lake on which hundreds of birds call home, and it is always fascinating to dine while watching the antics of black swans, ducks, moorhens, sea gulls and other birds.

There are regular tours from the Visitors Centre around the Port precinct to see the amazing growth and development of the area.

There is also a huge area dedicated to birds - in particular the thousands of migratory birds that fly in from as far north as Siberia for our summer.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Wednesday Afternoon Gone Sailing - WAGS


It seems to be tradition around these parts. Each Wednesday sailors go out in their yachts from the Royal Queensland Yacht Club at Manly, and they are usually looking for crew. So, if you would like to try your hand at sailing, make your way to the yacht club by midday on a Wednesday.

Not everyone can get the Wednesday afternoon off from work, so there's plenty of spots for crew - experienced or novices.

On this occasion there was little wind - but the vision was spectacular. The white sails sitting out on the blue sea under the blue almost cloudless sky was a perfect photo opportunity.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Micat Manly Harbour Rhythms Festival

Manly set to swing with Micat Manly Harbour Rhythms Festival
Six days of celebrating life by the bay - 17 – 22 July

Manly brings together the best of live jazz including the talents of internationally acclaimed James Morrison, gourmet Moreton Bay region food and wine, sailing adventures, an island beach party and more for its annual six day celebration – Micat Manly Harbour Rhythms Festival from 17-22 July.

The festival will kick off when serious foodies converge on one of Queensland’s most famous hotels by the sea – The Manly Hotel – for a Wine Appreciation Dinner on Tuesday, 17 July.

Other festival events include a sailing adventure, busker’s competition, jazz cruise, sunset sail, Moreton Island beach party and Calypso Cruise and St Helena Island night ghost tour.Combining free and ticketed events and a fully licensed precinct serving up some of the best contemporary and boutique Australian wines and beverages, highlights of the festival program include:

Tuesday, 17 July
Wine Appreciation Dinner with special guest Henry Dawson-Damer of Penfold’s Wines, 7pm, The Manly Hotel - $120 per person

Wednesday, 18 July
Gentlemen and Ladies Sailing Adventure aboard local Manly yachts, 1pm, departing William Gunn Jetty - $40 per personHummers and Strummers busking competition final, The Manly Hotel – FREE entry

Thursday, 19 July
Micat Brisbane River Jazz Cruise – an evening of water jazz and fine dining, 7pm, departing Bretts Wharf - $135 per person

Friday, 20 July
Sunset Sail aboard local Manly yachts, 4pm, departing William Gunn Jetty - $30 per person

Saturday, 21 July
Micat Moreton Island Beach Party and Calypso Cruise – beach BBQ and activities on Moreton Island, 8.30am, departing Howard Smith Drive, Lytton - $95 per personCat Ó Nine Tails St Helena by Night Ghost Tour, 6.45pm, departing William Gunn Jetty - $85 per person

Sunday, 22 July
Micat Manly Harbour Rhythms Festival on the Esplanade – great food and wine amid a backdrop of exciting Australian jazz and blues performers, 10.30am-4pm - $15 per person (entry only)

Micat Manly Harbour Rhythms Festival is presented by Manly Chamber of Commerce with the support of Micat and Brisbane Marketing, Major Events Brisbane.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


It is not always a "pretty" sight - the mudflats at low tide. I find them fascinating and each day it is different.

At low tide there are often worm gatherers hunting for worms for the fishermen. They wade out throught the mudflats wearing long rubber boots, carrying a garden fork, and a bucket. They must obey some strict rules about turning the sods to find the worms, and returning the sod to the area they took it from.

These worms are highly prized by fishermen - so fetch a good price.

When the tide comes it, and goes out again, there should be little sign that the wormers have been although they know not to harvest from the same area constantly.

wynnum at low tide


Along the foreshore and the creeks in the Wynnum Manly area many mangroves grow. They are an important part of the ecology here.

At Wynnum North there is a wonderful walk through the mangrove forests - including a timber boardwalk. It is a good idea to walk with company on this walks, but a walk right along the foreshore from Wynnum North to Lota will bring you face to face with many mangrove trees.

the mangroves

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Foreshore Redevelopment Continues

The Lord Mayor of Brisbane's plans for the Wynnum Manly Foreshore are proceeding and the whole area looks like a construction zone. At the Manly end the huge development is only weeks away from completion. Already there are new trees and a new roadway into Trafalgar Street. One can get a picture of the what it is likely to be.

The Manly Wading pool is being redeveloped - and when it is re-opened, the water will be filtered, and quite a lot cleaner than it is now. There will be more trees and more shelters.

Later in the year it will be opened so we are hoping that most of us will be happy with the end result.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Anzac Day Celebrations at Wynnum

It always surprises me how many people attend the Dawn Anzac Day services. There were thousands in the city, and towns and suburbs all around the country would have had a good attendance. Actually it increases every year.

Ceremonies start at 4.28 am. That was the very time that the forces landed on Gallipoli beaches all those years ago. The weather was most pleasant this year - I didn't need a jacket. The ceremony was held at the cenotaph in the grounds of the Wynnum Services Club.

Later on the march wended it's way through the suburb for yet another ceremony at the cenotaph.

These photos are of the march in Bay Terrace, Wynnum on April 25th, 2007.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Anzac Day.

The World War I Memorial at Richard Russell Park, Manly

It was 92 years ago that Australian soldiers landed at Gallipoli, and so many of them were killed in action on the beaches and in the hills behind the beaches in a bloody battle that will not be forgotten by Australians.
Each year, on April 25th we remember the soldiers in all wars that lost their lives while fighting for peace.
Each year it seems that more and more young people are learning about the history of Gallipoli and making there way to the many events around the country.
It is an early morning wake up - as one of the features of Anzac Day is the Dawn Service. In the Wynnum Manly area there are two services. One at Richard Russell Park, Manly starting at 3.45 am, and the other at the Cenotaph, near the Wynnum RSL Club.
As the sun comes up, it is quite moving to see hundreds of people standing heads bowed during the ceremony as we remember.
The playing of the Last Post, and the words "Lest We Forget"

Monday, April 16, 2007

Guess who visited Manly today.

The Honorable John Howard, Prime Minister of Australia visited Manly today to open a library at Moreton Bay Boys College, and later dined at Wilson's at Manly.
Whilst this is not the first time he has visited the region, it was probably the first time he had seen Manly Harbour so close. The weather was divine, there was no wind, and the view of the harbour was spectacular as was the meal at Wilsons.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Wynnum Ambulance Museum

The Old Ambulance station on the corner of Tingal Rd and Cedar Street Wynnum is still used the the Queensland Ambulance Service. There are some administrative offices upstairs, but downstairs there is a unique museum. It is not open to the public on a regular basis, but can be opened by special appointment or group tour.

It is remarkable in that the museum houses the most extra ordinary memorabilia relating to the ambulance service in Queensland, and in Wynnum in particular. This building was opened as a working Ambulance Station in 1920.

They also house some old ambulance vehicles, and much in the way of archival material.

Anyone with an interest in health, emergency first aid, etc would find the whole exhibition most interesting. Also there is an auditiorium and for groups a wonderful presentation about the ambulance service in the area.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The History of Wynnum and Manly

Wynnum Manly Historical Society Inc.

It is believed that the first white people to visit the Wynnum Manly area were 3 cedar cutters who were blown off course on a voyage from Sydney in 1823.

The area was very popular with a number of aboriginal tribes that regularly visited or lived in the area for hundreds of years before the Europeans visited the area.

There are details of a rich history in the Wynnum Library History Room and in the local Wynnum Manly Historical Society Research rooms adjacent to the main entrance to the Wynnum Library. Members of the society are on hand to help with any research on Monday to Friday mornings from 10am to 12 noon.

Wynnum Manly Historical Society Website

Wynnum History

Manly History

Monday, April 09, 2007

Wynnum Creek

New BBQ and picnic area at the mouth of Wynnum Creek provided by the Brisbane City Council.

In days gone by the Wynnum Creek was home to the commercial fishermen who live in the area and worked the seas of Moreton Bay. In the early days they used to take their catch by boat to the city markets via the Brisbane River, and later on in the early 20th century when the railway came to Wynnum the fish was transported by train.

The Wynnum Creek regularly silted up making it difficult for the fishing boats to make their way into the creek, and the creek was regularly dynamited to remove the sandy obstacles. These days very few commercial fishermen use the creek, but some do, as the Wynnum Fish Market is housed right near the mouth of the creek.

These days it is a "Fish and Chip" shop - and a popular one two. Whilst most folk drive in to purchase their feed, many people picnic in the many parks and facilities around the area.

It was also popular for the men folk who were sent to purchase the evening meal, to pop over to the hotel, which was then known as the Fishers' Hotel for a drop of beer while the fish was cooking.

There are quite a few wonderful fish and chipperies along the waterfront from Wynnum Creek in the north to Lota further south. Plenty of places to get a feed of Moreton Bay Fish. Check out the flathead or whiting from the bay.

Brisbane City

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Vintage Cars

I'm not knowledgeable about cars - in any way, and vintage and historic cars I can admire, but I don't know the details of their make, year etc. But I cam across a display of vintage cars on the Esplanade on Sunday.

Way, way back in the deep recesses of my memory - are visions of cars like this on the roads when I was a little girl. It wasn't a big display - it looked more like a social event for a car club.
Car buffs might enjoy these photos.

Manly Harbour

I've not posted here for a long time. No excuse - I've been busy elsewhere. And not well. But all is well now, so I hope to post regularly. On Sunday I went for a walk along the Manly esplanade. There's still much chaos there as the redevelopment of the foreshore continues. It is a bit of a mess, but one can see the progress.

I went for a walk out on the William Gunn Jetty - and looked back to see the redevelopment of the Moreton Bay Trailer Boat Club. At long last the Club is building a huge deck so that diners and visitors can sit on the deck, in the fresh air, and watch the harbour. It is a spectacular view during the day, and at night a real treat.
The view above is similar to what one will see from the deck of the club when it is completed. Magic.