Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Low tide in Rose Bay

It's not the prettiest sight - but it is part of what Wynnum Manly now is. Each day, four a day we have a tidal change - there are two high tides each day, and two low tides each day.

The water level varies - some low tides are very low, and some high tides are very low, and early each year we have "king tides" where the water really pushes over the walkway and if there are storms at the same time, the roadway will flood. (Doesn't happen very often!)

At low tide it becomes mudflats. If one walks on it - you'll sink to your ankes in mud. Squelchy brown mud. The wormers go out along the flats wearing long rubber boots or waders, and carry a large fork and a bucket and life the clumps of sandy silt to find the worms that are so cherished by fisherfolk.

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