Sunday, June 25, 2006

The beautiful Indian wall.

As in many communities we have a problem with graffiti vandals. Business with or adjacent to a blank wall are regularly subjected to attacks by these vandals. One simple way to discourage them is to pay an artist to create a feature wall. This wall is adjacent to the Punjab Restaurant in Manly. It is a beautiful piece of artwork.


Moreton Bay is a boaties paradise - until things go wrong, and as most boaties know there are all sorts of things that challenge even the most experienced boatie. Often it is a passing boat that will come to the rescue, but in many cases it is a call to the Coastguard to come and rescue the boat or the people. Especially when the weather and the sea turn nasty. There is a Coastguard station at the entrance to the Manly Harbour. This is just one of their craft.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Jazz Festival

Some 2000 people enjoyed the Wilson's Boathouse Jazz and Seafood Festival on the Sunday May 28th, 2006 - in the area on Norfolk Point surrounding the Boathouse Restaurant. The region is becoming a popular Jazz venue with two other Jazz events during the year - the Manly Rhythm and Blues Festival and the Father's Day Jazz Festival.

Roving comedians and a stiltwalker entertained the crowds.