Friday, April 14, 2006

Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race

On Good Friday, the first public holiday of the Easter Weekend, it is the start of the Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race. The main race goes from Sandgate to the north from Wynnum Manly - but it is from Manly that the multi-hull yachts leave.

I'd booked tickets on one of the spectator boats and duly lined up at 9 am along with many other people to go out and watch the race. It was a picture perfect day - blue sky, calm sea - no wind. No wind? What about the yachts?

The race was due to start at 11 am - and at 5 to 11 we heard the gun go off giving the 5 minute warning, followed by another. We on the spectator boat had no idea what was happening, as nothing happened at 11 am. The expected starter's gun did not go off, and the red flag indicating no race was still flying. It was almost another 50 minutes before the race started. We were told that it was because there was no wind - hardly a breath of air to fill the sails and push them on their journey.

If one was just to laze around on the bay in a boat, it was the perfect day to do so, but so frustrating for the yachties who wanted strong winds to fill their sails.

On one of the boats was a lone piper - yes, there was this guy standing on the boat playing the bagpipes. I must find out why - but it did amuse us.

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