Monday, March 27, 2006

Dumbarton House at Hemmant

Hemmant State School on Hemmant Tingalpa Road at Hemmant is the longest suriving school in Queensland. Several years ago a new motorway was being constructed an in it's path was Dumbarton House. Such a historic house should not be lost to the community and so it was that it was carefully loaded on a big semi and slowly and surely taken to its new home in the grounds of the Hemmant State School. It is used now as an Administration Block, and though it sits awkwardly on the site of the school has been saved for posterity.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

William Gunn Jetty

The William Gunn Jetty can be found on the northern end of the Manly Harbour (Queensland). The new jetty was opened in 2005 - much smarter than the old one which also housed an old building which was surrounded by barbed wire. It had been an old Customs building for servicing boats that came from overseas. On that spot it now has a kiosk where food and drinks are served - providing a wonderful view of the boats in the harbour and any activity on the jetty. To get there, walk down beside the Manly Baths - can be seen easily from the Esplanade, on the corner where Wardy's Restaurant is situated. Just head down beside the Baths - there is parking behind the baths. Great on a fine day - a challenge on a windy one!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Shire Clerk's Cottage

The Shire Clerk's Cottage is situated in the grounds of the Leisure Centre on Tingal Road, Wynnum. It is now the venue for weddings, parties etc.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Wynnum Ambulance Museum

This wonderful old building is on Tingal Road, Wynnum, and is open from time to time for tours.

The building which was officially opened in 1927 to house the local ambulance station. The history of the building and the ambulance station is fascinating.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

From Norfolk Point

At the entrance to Manly Harbour is a great spot to sit and watch the boats go by. Norfolk Point is easily accessed by car or on foot from the Esplanade. Past the CoatGuard and Multihull Yacht Club and Wilson's Seafood Restaurant - you'll find a grassy area with some limited shelter.

People sit and watch the boats come and go through the channel that marks the entrance to the harbour - some come with binoculars and camera, others just to watch.

At weekends and on Wednesdays (WAGS - is it Wednesday Afternoon Gone Sailing?) there are many boats of all shapes and sizes that make their way through the entrance.

Is it a secret?

Thousands of cars and people pass this wonderland, hidden from the main road by bushland, is the Hemmant Quarry Reserve on Wynnum Road. The best access if via Foley Road, but there is a modest entry point on "The Mad Mile" but one does need to know the area first. There is a short scruffy path through the bushland to this amazing place. The old quarry is filled with water, which in turn is covered with waterlilly and weed. There is an interesting walking path around the park through the bushland, and areas for picnicking. Few people use it - but it is an amazing bush wonderland.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Brisbane's Foreshore Parklands - Wynnum Manly

This project resulted from a commitment by Campbell Newman, during the last council election campaign, that the council would spend $12.5 million dollars on foreshore parklands. The vision was to

"retain the eastern foreshore's sense of place as a link to Moreton Bay, though a sustainable parkland enhancement that creates places of interest and offers diversity of outdoor experiences."

A concept plan was developed and is now being used to finalise the plans for the area.

There will be information sessions on Saturday March 18th at Breakwater Park at 9.30 am to 10.30 am and Bayside Park at 11 am to 12 noon.

There is more information and detailed plans at - enter a search for Brisbane Foreshore Parklands.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Manly Harbour

It is often called the Gateway to Moreton Bay - it is the harbour closest to the Brisbane CBD. It has one of the largest marinas in the Southern Hemisphere and a popular port of call for sailors who wander the world in search of places to visit, and adventure. There are a number of Boat and Yacht Clubs in the perimeter of the marina, and at any time there are hundreds of magnicicent boats to see.

This photo was taken from the bottom of Cambridge Parade, looking towards the marina.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Wynnum Wading Pool

The Wynnum Wading Pool is on the waterfront adjacent to the Wynnum Jetty. It is filled with sea water, and on occasions drained and cleaned out. It is a bit sad to arrive for a dip in the pool to find it empty and bulldozers plying their way around the dry pool bed cleaning out the rubbish. It is apparently a good place to find the occasional sandcrab that has been sucked in via the inlet pipe! On a hot day the pool is the play area for many young and not so young children. It is also a venue for remote controlled boats and it is a common sight to see grown men playing with these toys!

The Wynnum Jetty

To the north we have the huge Port of Brisbane, at the mouth of the Brisbane River, and across the river the ever expanding Brisbane Airport is situated. Landing or taking off from the airport usually gives you wonderful views either across Moreton Bay or back towards the city of Brisbane through which the river winds.

The photo is of the jetty at Wynnum that stretches out into Moreton Bay. The poles at the entrance are part of an aboriginal totem. The area was inhabited by a number of aboriginal tribes before the white settlers came, and this is just one part of the local artworks to commemorate the Quandamooka people.

Wynnum Manly

There are two suburbs - Wynnum and Manly - they are like twins - conjoined twins. They are both on the bay - Moreton Bay - and are of course suburbs of the city of Brisbane.

This blog will be about the region and should be of interest to those visiting or planning to visit the area, as well as local residents. I will give details of places to visit, places to see.