Monday, June 11, 2012

Hemmant - much to see

Hemmant is a suburb of Brisbane - not far from the Brisbane River, and tucked away from the main road between the city and Wynnum.  It is a place with quite interesting history.

Hemmant was named after Hon William Hemmant who was "Colonial Treasurer 1874 - 76 who owned the high-profile home " Eldernell" at Hamilton on the opposite side of the river".  You can read  more about the history of Hemmant here.  (This information is from that website)

Also from the website...  "Such structures as the Hemmant Uniting Church, Tingalpa Anglican Christ Church, the residence 'Dumbarton' at Hemmant [ the home of a later member of the Gibson family which established the first sugar mill in the valley]"

"Dumbarton" was relocated to a site adjacent to Hemmant Primary School to make way for the construction of the Port Road [ the author was active in a project of restoring Christ Church at Tingalpa, which was completed in 2007.]

"Other built heritage items of value remaining in the valley are the Anning Boer War monument in Hemmant-Tingalpa Rd., Hemmant"

Dumbarton House is still in the grounds of the old Hemmant School, which has recently been taken over by a training organisation.

In Hemmant the old church remains on Hemmant Tingalpa Road, and at the back is an old lock up, and at the Wynnum Road end of Hemmant Tingalpa Road is the Hemmant Cemetery in which many of the old settlers were buried.  The old cemetery is to the right as one drives in the main entrance.

Behind the cemetery is Hemmant Quarry Reserve.  This under used space is a mostly bushland, with a lake in what was the old quarry.  There are walking tracks, and boardwalks in the bushland, and  as you can see from the video below, great cycling tracks.

How do you get there?  There is an almost hidden entrance on Wynnum Road, but on Fleming Road, there is a small car park and entrance.

Monday, June 04, 2012

Must Do Brisbane - see Wynnum

This article popped up on Facebook this morning and I thought it worth listing here.  Certainly a great list of Must Do things in the Wynnum Manly area.

Check here for details.

Check it out.

Sunday, June 03, 2012

History Alive at Fort Lytton

I am often surprised to learn how few local people from the Wynnum Manly area, have visited Fort Lytton, which is only a short distance away, which celebrates one aspect of Queensland History.

In June there is always a special event, called History Alive, which is on the weekend of June 9th and 10th.

The following is from History Alive website -

"We have a huge range of things to see!

The gates open at 9:30am with Fort Lytton’s 64-pounders firing at 10am.

On the main field, we have activities ranging from Napoleonic battles to WW2 displays. In the encampments, see how people of bygone eras really lived. In The Hall, check out local historical groups and dance displays. There is food available for purchase and some great stalls where you can buy something to take home with you!"

It is a great place to take children (grandparents, this is an opportunity to show your grandchildren a little history!)

There is food, but plenty of places to picnic with your own food.

The ceremony when the guns fire every hour is worth watching too, as is the little faces when they hold their hands to their ears as the big guns boom.

Public transport is not available from Wynnum, so you need your own car to get there, and there is usually plenty of parking.

Following is a video from the History Alive Website.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Eating Out in Wynnum - May's Thai

Yesterday I dined with a friend at a relatively new restaurant in Wynnum.  We met at May's Thai on the corner of Glenora Street, and Tingal Road to enjoy some wonderful Thai food.  First of all, the parking is challenging at this spot - but really there is quite a lot within a short walk from the corner restaurant (it was formerly a newsagent).

The restaurant was clean and attractive and the staff member who welcomed us was extremely helpful.  We could not fault her - or indeed anything about the venue and the lunch.

We chose the Lunch Special - it is fantastic value, especially when there are two or more as you can share the meals.  We had spring rolls, a beef and vegetable dish, and a chicken and cashew nut dish and we were unable to eat it all.   The lunch special is $9.90 a head.

Cold drinks are available from an imposing refrigerator in the restaurant, and cold water is on the tables.  If you want wine, I think you have to take your own, but we were able to manage on water!

However, we did have Green Tea to finish off a lovely lunch.

May's Thai is also at Mayfair Manly West, and they do home deliveries in the region.  Check out the website.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Redevelopment of the Wynnum CBD

Recently the Wynnum and Districts Chamber of Commerce formed a task force in response to the declining retail area of the CBD, and more recently, the acquisition of the Wynnum State School in Florence street by the Brisbane City Council.

As a result, thes Wynnum Re-development Taskforce was formed, and officially launched at luncheon on May 16th, at the Wynnum Manly Leagues Club, and subsequently survey forms have been distributed, consultations have been held with various stakeholders, and members of the Chamber and Taskforce have attended information sessions at Wynnum Plaza, and Manly Markets, and clearly there is much interest in the redevelopment.

While there are some who do not want the area to change, others can see the benefit to the whole community if there is development, which will include residential (we need more people living in the CBD), and the upgrading of a raft of facilities.

In relation to the Wynnum School, it is accepted by most that some residential is inevitable on the site, but it is expected that the red brick building will be set aside for community use.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a facility to hold events, and an art gallery and other community facilities?

One aspect that residents are passionate about is the green space.  It is currently the only green space in the CBD - so if there is an increase in residential, retail and offices in the area, it is essential that this area be saved so that workers and residents can wander in a park, or take their lunch out of the office.

At the Farmer's Markets Manly  

Sharyn Macauley, Michael Belfield (Chamber President) and Ian Hill.

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Monday, May 21, 2012

These photos were also taken on May 20th, 2012.  After spending quite a while sitting at the Wynnum Wading pool, and taking the photos (and lots more) shown earlier, I stopped for a short time overlooking the Manly Harbour.  There are always interesting photos to be taken here. Sadly the sun had disappeared under the clouds, but it did present some interesting cloud formations.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sun Breaking over Moreton Bay

It is not the first time I have been hovering around the Wynnum Wading Pool as the sun came up - I often think of going there, but not always do I do it!   Sometimes the weather is not right - but with the last few days of wonderful bright days, I made a commitment to go this morning (Sunday May 20th)!

It was cool, but pleasant.  I sat on a wall near the pool, with camera in hand.  The firs views are of the red glow, that announced the imminent arrival of the sun, and the clouds out across the bay danced and moved, and some clearly let forth their rain.

Neil Symes Maiden Speech

Neil Symes, recently elected as the Member of Parliament representing Lytton, which includes the suburbs of Wynnum, Manly and surrounding suburbs on the edge of Moreton Bay, south of the Brisbane River.

If you have not heard his maiden speech - you can find it here.